The South African Football Association (SAFA) has temporarily suspended the membership of the Thulamela LFA [main picture] with immediate effect. The decision follows a REC meeting by the biggest SAFA region in Limpopo held on Wednesday. The Thulamela LFA are being accused of defiance and non-compliance to the directives and decisions of the region.

It comes after the Vhembe region had given a directive following a dispute on the leadership of the LFA. But Thulamela had none of it and expressed their displeasure.

The initial decision was to suspend the whole executive late last year. They took a decision to appeal at the SAFA national level, but that appeal was dismissed.


In an official communique issued by regional secretary Sam Matodzi on Thursday, 6 April, the association has now temporarily suspended THULFA’s membership.

SAFA suspends Thulamela LFA membership
SAFA suspends Thulamela LFA membership

“The REC meeting of the 11th of March 2023 resolved to Suspend indefinitely the entire Executive Committee of Thulamela Local Football Association,” they said.

“SAFA Vhembe was guided by Article 2.17.18 of its statutes, invoked Article 14.1 for THULFA’s defiance to implement the decision as directed by the Region (SAFA Vhembe) and SAFA. Which is in violation of Article 13.1.1 of the same statutes. Appoint Messrs James Maluleke, the Treasurer of the Association and Mr Aubrey Ramukumba as Administrators with immediate effect. The duo is also expected to ensure that football is run in Thulamela Local Football Association without fail.”

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“Thulamela Local Football Association like the other three (3) Local Football Associations affiliated to SAFA Vhembe is expected and obliged in terms of Article 13 to comply fully with the statutes, regulations, directives, and decisions of SAFA Vhembe.”

The suspension also mean no league will participate under the SAFA banner within the Thulamela LFA.

By Khotso Ramalatswa


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