The Vhembe region in Limpopo has produced its own talented bodybuilder, Mpho Muscle Beast Ndou, who has since gained recognition over the years. The 18-year-old aspires to join names as Absolom Mfumadi from Muduluni village and Thembho Manganyi from Waterval, who participated in the 2022 National Physique Committee’s African Pro Qualifier for the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB) tournament.

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The Grade 11 learner from Tshandama secondary school has been described by his friend as determined, motivated, a challenge-lover, and a go-getter.

He began practising bodybuilding at the age of 11. Today, he attracts attention wherever he goes because of his impressive physique. His interest in bodybuilding was sparked when a man from a neighbouring village moved to his village.

They became friends, and Mpho would visit him frequently during his weight-training sessions. Initially, he was apprehensive about seeing heavy weights being lifted, fearing potential injuries. However, over time, he grew accustomed to this and began lifting lighter weights himself. Since then, weightlifting has become an integral part of his life.

Big dreams for young Limpopo bodybuilder, Muscle Beast Ndou
Mpho Muscle Beast Ndou


“Mulaifa Gadavha is the one who motivated me since he was a bodybuilder,” said Muscle Beast.

“I used to accompany him to the gym as I watched him gyming, I learned how to lift weights. I started playing with small weights until he started to show me how it is done. The problem was, he used to go to the gym for fun whereas.

“I was looking up to him. Then in 2019 I started my pieces of equipment using cement and started training for myself. I still remember when I posted my pictures on Facebook and received bad publicity, but it didn’t stop me from doing what I love the most. Fitness is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle,” he added.

Ndou’s dream is to compete in major competitions and become an international champion. Given his dedication and determination, his dream will no doubt eventually come true.


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