After winning the Limpopo Softball Association promotional play-offs, Botlokwa Trailblazers and Nchabeleng Lions embark on what threatens to be a challenging journey in the Super League.

The newcomers to the Limpopo provincial first tier will replace relegated Seshego Cannons and Diphale Blues. The two teams finished at the tail end and second from bottom of the standings.

Given the manner in which Trailblazers and Blues earned their promotions, it was crystal clear on that rainy Sunday in Seshego that their campaign in the Super League will not be a walk in the park.

Trailblazers still looked a bit fragmented while Lions seemed to have lost their aggressive roar. This is despite having two players with international experience,


The Super League is always a battle of the titans. The newbies are just about to venture into a cutthroat business of belligerent batting and fast pitch softball.

Brian Lechokgohla and his charges should know by now that maintaining a softball legacy the softball community of Botlokwa have been longing for, will be a mammoth task.

“Our campaign in the Capricorn District League was not a smooth road leading to the promotions. It was filled with equipment challenges, financial constraints and on-field tribulations,” explained Lechokgohla. 

In a club with an unfledged mentor to a fledgling team of upstarts, every individual in the team will be compelled to take this assignment by the scruff of their necks.

“Now that we have qualified for the Super League. We need to focus on the highest level of development and getting our players ready to face experienced pitchers. Luckily we have players with international experience at junior national levels. Matter factually speaking, we need to invest in both our psychological and physical strength. This to ensure that we remain in the top flight league,” added Lechokgohla. 

Softball Masters games in Polokwane, Limpopo
Softball Masters games in Polokwane, Limpopo


Trailblazers will pin their faith on the duo of Khomotso Mokgawa who participated in the 2022 U/15 World Cup in Mexico. Lebo Rahaji also just returned from Uganda for the U/18 World Cup African qualifiers.   

Lions are expected to roar back to the senior league having campaigned in the Great North Softball Association in the 1990s.

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By Moyahabo Mabeba

*Mabeba is the head of Marketing and Publicity at Limpopo Softball Association. He is also the Public Relations Officer of Capricorn District Sport Confederation.