The Champions of the fourth edition of the Edgar Manaka Foundation annual tournament, Rocks FC are accusing the organisers of lies and broken promises.

This comes as Rocks FC are yet to receive the full amount of R 50 000 prize money for winning the tournament.

They beat Shining Stars on penalties on 30 December 2022 at Kgomoschool, GA-Matlala.

According to a statement by Rocks FC co-owner Sedupe Mamaregane, the foundation, founded by the Marumo Gallants star, is now playing hide and seek with regard to the payment.

“I never thought we would have to take this matter this far,” said Mamaregane in a statement.

“But we are left with no choice but to do so because of the lies and broken promises by the organisers of the Edgar Manaka Foundation’s tournament.

“Our team, Rocks FC, won the tournament on 30 December 2022. To this day, we haven’t received the full amount of our cash prize of R50 000,” he explained.

“We were told after the final that we would be paid our cash prize the same night. We understood this in good faith. A few days later, we still have not received our cash prize of R50 000.”


The owners of Rocks FC were forced to confront the Foundation’s Chairperson, Edgar Manaka, at one of his training sessions with Marumo Gallants. But still no luck.

“We followed up with the organisers on several occasions and trusted their promises each and every time. But they failed to deliver.

“We even escalated the matter to the chairman of Edgar Manaka Foundation who also promised to resolve this,” added Mamaregane.

“Mind you, this was several days after unsuccessful attempts to get what is rightfully ours.

Mike Kwena presents an award at Edgar Manaka tournament
Mike Kwena presents an award at Edgar Manaka tournament

On Thursday 5-01-2023  R21 000 was deposited onto our account. Where is the rest of the money you may ask?

“We are still waiting for it. The most painful thing is that the organisers are ignoring our calls and messages despite their promises to settle this in full.

This type of nonsense makes players turn against their coaches and teams because they think we are the money when it is actually the poor administration of tournament organisers that is failing us.”

This is far from over. The Edgar Manaka Foundation will pay our money. By fire or force, they will pay us,” said the furious Rocks FC co-owner.

There was no response from the organisers and officials of the Edgar Manaka Foundation or the PSL star.