DStv Premiership side Marumo Gallants have issued the latest regarding the two officials detained in Libya over a money dispute.

Team Manager Rufus Matsena and Physiotherapist Tebogo Amos Dhlomo are still held in Benghazi by Dr Ali Elzargha. The club owes Dr Elzargha over R 700 000 over unpaid costs the club incurred during their recent CAF Confederation Cup trip.


The issue has now raised panic amongst their families as they will now spend the Easter Weekend holidays away from them. A meeting was held on Thursday chaired by the SA government. It was also attended by club Management, the Libyan embassy, the affected duo, SAFA and Dr Elzargha.

Marumo Gallants latest on detained officials in Libya
Marumo Gallants issue latest on detained officials in Libya

Gallants owner Abram Sello has since issued a formal statement updating the club on the meeting. He has pleaded with the parties involved to allow the two staff members to return home while the issue is being finalised.

“My people belong at home here in South Africa with their families, especially over the Easter period,” Sello said via the club statement.


“Both men are extremely emotional and exhausted and need to return to their homes and loved ones.

“I am trying my utmost to get them back to South African soil. This is an active case and a very sensitive one. My priority is to get my employees back safely,” he added.

Sellow further said the club would find a day to address and take questions from the media regarding the ordeal.

“We are not ignoring the media. We have to take into account the various factors that influence this matter and act accordingly.

“Our sole focus is on bringing our people back home to South Africa. We ask that the media

bear with us during this period and understand the fragility of the situation,” he said.

“As we have stated, once the two men are back in the country, we will engage with the media and respond to questions about the situation that has transpired.”

By Khotso Ramalatswa

Limpopo club Marumo Gallants have officially given an update on the two detained duo in Libya. Rufus Matsena and Amos Dhlomo are stuck in Benghazi 15 days after their CAF Confederation Cup match against Al Akhdar.

The two have been used as bait by the Chairman of the club Abram Sello who ows Lybia businessman Dr Ali Elzargha. Elzargha helped the club pay for ticket flights, book accommodation and bought the playing kit during their recent trip to Lybia.

The amount is also reportedly in the region of R 37 000 US dollars (R 700 000). Sello is also reportedly disputing the amount accusing Dr Elzargha of rigging the prices.

In a statement issued on Monday, the club said they are in constant communication with the two officials. They have indicated that they are still safe.

Marumo Gallants say detained officials are safe in Libya
Marumo Gallants ahead of a CAF Confederation Cup match


“Marumo Gallants F.C. management is in communication with relevant officials to resolve the situation in Libya. Involving two of the club’s key employees,” the club said.

“Following the CAF Confederation Cup match against Libya’s Al Akhdar on 19 March 2023. The PSL team’s two staff members (Media Liaison Rufus Matsena and team physiotherapist Tebogo Amos Dhlomo) were detained at a Libyan hotel over a financial dispute.


“Marumo Gallants management are also in contact with the two employees. They have confirmed that they are safe and waiting for the matter to be settled.

“Once the issue has been resolved, the club will address questions and concerns at a media briefing [platform and details to be announced].

“There are no further comments from Marumo Gallants F.C. at this point,” the statement said.