The Limpopo Kyokushin Karate Academy in Polokwane this past weekend promoted its senior students (senpais) to black and brown belts.

Koena Mokgehle was promoted to 2nd black, Moffat Senyatsi to 1st black, Koena Moloto (1st black), Lethabo Mochemi (1st brown), Denzel Nagel (1st brown) and Phuti Mokgehle (1st brown). The students passed their grading during a grueling test at the Academy’s annual karate camp (gashuku). The camp was held at Motse Maria at Doornspruit outside Polokwane.

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The belts were presented to them by the dojo head and chief instructor, Sensei Molefi Moloto, who congratulated them and explained that their test was the toughest, mentally and physically.

“But we prepared them adequately by designing the camp programme in such a way that it responds to their training needs and covered their entire syllabus”, he said.


Moloto added that black belt and brown belt candidates had the longest training sessions, sparring and morning roadwork (running).

“I once again congratulate these students for their dedication to the art and for their hard work. The real journey begins now. We are currently preparing the next group of candidates for the same tough test”, he enthused.

Black belts promotions for Limpopo Karatekas
Black belts promotions for Limpopo Karatekas

The Academy will hold another black belt and kyu promotional gradings at the same camp next month. Over 50 students of the Academy are expected to attend.

“This camp is not only for those who want to grade and get promoted. But also for those who want to catch up on their syllabus so they can all be on the same fitness levels.”

Moloto says the Academy is actively looking for sponsorships or donations to make the camp a success. “It’s a massive logistical operation that requires a venue, transport, food, and other necessities, so we welcome any kind of donation or financial support,” he pleaded.

By Khotso Ramalatswa