The SAFA arbitration will sit on Tuesday on the matter that has derailed the Limpopo SAB League promotion playoffs. The playoffs schedule for Nkowa-Nkowa Stadium in Tzaneen have been postponed more than twice.

This comes after a dispute in the SAFA Capricorn region, while the other regions have already confirmed their winners. Nkowankowa Continental [Mopani], King Born [Sekhukhene], Mukula Young Santos [Vhembe] and Sunrise awaits [Waterberg] will wait for either Lebash FC or Mohlabile United from Capricorn.


Lebash FC emerged victorious on Wednesday, 12 July on their appeal at SAFA National against the decision of the Regional Disciplinary Committee of Capricorn. The appeal committee ruled in favour of Lebash FC for a non-compliant Protest lodged by Mohlabile United. This was during the recent regional playoffs.

SAFA arbitration on Limpopo playoffs to sit on Tuesday
SAFA Capricorn President Jack Mogashoa

Mohlabile United lodged a Protest for the use of a player who is allegedly unregistered, fraudulently, or improperly registered. The Protest was lodged during the half-time break, which is not in compliance with Rule 18.2.1 according to the Appeal Committee.

Mohlanile United, as the First Respondent took the dispute further to SAFA Arbitration. The Arbitration process [payments and filing of documents] was lodged on Friday, 14 July 2023.


The Limpopo provincial playoffs are scheduled for the weekend of 22 and 23 July 2023, at Nkowankowa Stadium.