Former Sapa Yopa Motorcycle Club presidents Sarel Nong and Antonio Pico Santana Martins completed a 3 298 kilometer ride from Polokwane to Angola.

The two former presidents went to attend two biggest rallies Amigos da Picado and Nomadas in Angola. The one way trip took place on Sunday, 29 January. They returned to South Africa on Wednesday, 8 February.

Not only did they treat other road users to the impressive sight of a stunt but the Sapa Yopa MCC won the longest rider award.


Nong says he had the best trip ever riding on the ground soil of Africa from Polokwane to Angola.

“We left Polokwane Sunday morning straight to Botswana and slept in Botswana, thereafter we left for Namibia,” he explained.

“That took us two days and we arrived on Thursday. The main aim was to support the two biggest clubs in the SADC region, Amigos da Picado and Nomadas. These guys always support Sapa Yopa MCC rallies. They came in large numbers at every last year’s rally to support the Sapa Yopa rally.

“That side of Angola roads are bad, serious potholes on the road,” said Nong on challenges they faced on the road.

Different Bikers ascended in Angola to support Amigos da Picado and Nomadas rallies
Different Bikers gathered in Angola to support Amigos da Picado and Nomadas rallies


“We were nicely welcomed by the different presidents of the club’s side. They gave us good treatment. We were also awarded the longest rider award.

“We had a mass ride, and in Angola, cars are on the left-hand drive and you drive on the right-hand side. But we have been riding the streets of Benguela which is the number two big city in Angola,” he said.

“The people of Angola are nice and the food is nice and we had fun and the rallies were so refreshing.”


Antonio Pico Santana Martins said the trip went according to plan and that everyone had a blast.

“We often travel long distances together and we need to work well as a unit. At the end of the day, we are all bikers who live the biking life,” said Martins.

Antonio Pico Santana Martins riding to Angola
Antonio Pico Santana Martins riding to Angola

He explained the ride was also aimed to remind members of the various clubs about their targets and purpose.

“We want to build relationships, share and learn with and from each other. The main aim is to establish clear short-term goals and methods for celebrating the achievements and milestones of the club and individual members. We are living our dreams of cultural diversity with a membership that includes black people, Indians, coloured, and white people,” he said.

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