Former Orlando Pirates defender Tonic Chabalala has thoroughly explained how difficult it is to give advice to the current Premier Soccer League players. Chabalala admitted that many of his former teammates, him included, battled alcoholism addiction during their roller-coaster playing careers. He said they sought treatment and advice to manage going forward with their careers.
While admitting that it’s normal for players to drink alcohol, Chabalala is worried that today’s crop of players would rather not take advice from the retired players. And that ends up cutting short their career goals.

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 “This thing of drinking alcohol will always be there, and it was there during our playing time, we used to drink, but we respected the badge, just like myself I could drink too much, but I knew the right time to do so, I could respect the job and my employers,” Chabalala told LimSportsZone.
“Nowadays, when you attempt to give these boys some advice, they think you are jealous, and you become a nuisance to them, they don’t take it as advice, it’s like at home when your Parents tell you something good about life, you think they know nothing.

“It is terrible, players will always be players, they always think like a football player, like okay, I got a lot of money I have to buy a luxury car, put sounds and go out to enjoy at clubs, yes we cannot avoid that but what you have to do is to respect your job.

How Ex Orlando Pirates defender Tonic Chabalala finds it difficult to advise current PSL players
Tonic Chabalala

“Many players realize it when it’s too late, that time things have ruined and if you know yourself you must not blame others, as I said, players will always be players, but the question is, are you aware that you can ruin your career just because of unnecessary things.
Chabalala has urged footballers to try to obey their clubs’ rules and listen to former players when they share what they went through. He believes it will make them go on to achieve great things.


The former Buccaneers skipper, who donned the Black and White jersey between 2004 and 2008, has insisted that players must respect their jobs and know the right time to do their personal stuff.
“I always tell some of them to focus and do some extra training just to show their passion. You can’t go to clubs, come back in the morning and expect to be okay when you go to training in the morning, it’s impossible,” added Chabalala.
“Even if you get a lot of money if you know yourself, you cannot do stupid things, we had some players who used to get more money than us, but they showed their professionalism, they knew what they wanted. Because it’s vital to respect the badge.
“They worked hard to prove that they deserve the money, yes we have some good current players. It’s good, but we must always elaborate on things that destroy players and give them financial advice, even some teams do that, and I think it’s good, just these guys need to listen.”

By Clifton Mabasa