Olympian and well-known Fencing coach Sello Maduma has been left impressed with the growth of the sport in the Limpopo province.

Fencing recently held its youth championship and the Limpopo open tournament at the University of Limpopo, Turfloop in the Capricorn District this past weekend. The tournament was organized for all teams in South Africa. The three-day event had age groups ranging from U/11,13,15,17,20, seniors and veterans.


“In 2020 when I moved here, there were literally four people fencing,” he told LimSportsZone.

“But now the last time we checked we are sitting at 106 registered fencers. so the growth is there but it’s not just growth. We have fencers at the top of the rankings.

“Rahul Van Manen is number one in the country in the juniors. In the seniors before this competition he was ranked number four,” said Maduma on the sidelines of the Limpopo Open.

Growth of fencing in Limpopo impresses Olympian Sello Maduma
Olympian Sello Maduma

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“Like I said, it’s numbers but also quality. We have fencers that have been in the national team and participated in the commonwealth games. Rahul just came back from the World Championships, I just came back from a coaching course in Switzerland so the growth is there.

“We have a coach from this University who is doing a coaching course in Johannesburg for a year. In the last four years fencing has grown tremendously in this province.

Growth of fencing in Limpopo impresses Olympian Sello Maduma
Fencers during the Limpopo Open at the University of Limpopo


“There are plans to grow the sport across the province. The only thing holding us now is that there aren’t enough coaches. Hence we are sending coaches to do coaching courses and be accredited. Once that happens then we can deploy them in different parts of the province.

“There is clearly an appetite for the sport. It is just us having to find people who can do all of those things. As soon as we are happy with the number of coaches that we will have then we can take the game to other districts,”

Fencing in Limpopo is currently headed by Dr Renuka Ramroop, who is the chairperson.